Hello Teachers!

Are you a teacher with expertise in an area within health, well-being and consciousness domains?

Do you believe that what you have to offer is critical for expansion of human consciousness?

Do you have a strong commitment to bring your knowledge to many people?

If you are yes to all of the above, please check out our why and read on.

We, at The Deep Leap believe that teachers should... teach, and inspire, open minds and lead into extraordinary actions!

And not do client chasing, administration, copy writing, visual designing, platform selecting, google search analyzing and advertising - teachers could and potentially should have a say in all of these business processes, but they don't have to spend their precious time, money and energy to become experts in any of these areas (unless of course they really want to.)

Today, there are plenty of marketing professionals out there that speak to "experts, coaches and course-creators" screaming about their perfect formula,  sales script, webinar manual and funnel they are trying to sell without having a stake in your success and often not even interest in your mission.

The Deep Leap is in search of teachers who are

aligned with our mission and its scope,

have a huge commitment,

possess drive and capacity to deliver on it

to provide them our platform and create a partnership with them in order to deliver on our common objectives.

If you are interested in initiating a dialogue with us, please fill out the form below and describe your area of expertise in the Question section.

The Deep Leap is an educational platform that provides transformative programs on the topics of health, well-being and consciousness.

We match topics we consider of high relevance and importance with knowledgeable charismatic teachers that have a big commitment in the area of their competency.

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