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The Deep Leap
(till recently known as The Best Chapters)
an Entheosys company

Our mission is to awaken the world through transformative learning. 

We match topics we consider of high relevance and importance with knowledgeable charismatic teachers that have a big commitment in the area of their competency.

The Deep Leap is an educational platform that provides transformative programs on the topics of health, well-being and consciousness. You can find more in information in our Why.

Current programs and curriculums.
Fast With Laurie
Intermittent Fasting Curriculum
Laurie has changed the lives of thousands through the practice and coaching of Intermittent Fasting.


Being your brightest, sharpest self

healing physical pains and disease

sleeping well

feeling strong at your ideal weight

enjoying foods you love.

This is indeed possible through the practice of Intermittent Fasting -- Time Restricted Eating -- a daily pattern of eating and not eating. The pause from eating allows the body a much-needed healing rest for our gut, organs, brain, and hormones.

Together, in our live online workshop, you will learn to apply this  practice, and explore with our coach, Laurie Lewis, how to discern the right fasting pattern for you and your life. It is a personal and customized discovery.

Time Restricted Eating is not a diet. Give yourself this gift of healing each day!

Fast With Laurie
3-week live online Intermittent Fasting intensive
with Laurie Lewis, author and certified coach.
Next program starts soon!
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 The Career Leap 

Can you imagine if your career was an expression of your values and brought you fulfillment?

The Career Leap Method is designed for you to be grounded in your values and explore your career possibilities from the values-driven mindset.

We are about to start The Career Leap for Professionals program soon.

Our Community

During COVID-19 times, we started The Best Chapters Community: to bring together people interested in the topics of health, well-being and consciousness. Apart from discussions, we also provide free live classes within the Facebook group setting.

Grieving Forward curriculum

In our society, for the most part we are not taught how to be with death, grieve and support someone who is grieving.

Grieving is a very personal process. But lack of education leaves trace of trauma throughout the whole society.

Grieving Forward Curriculum our contribution to healing this trauma.

What we are planning for the future.

The Best Chapters: Curriculum for Retired and Unretired. 

Nutrition: Access to Lengevity. 

Curriculum for Expanded Consciousness. 

Sexuality As an Access to New Realms. 

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